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Sonia Arenaza

Better Than Cash Alliance
digital finance specialist

Sonia Arenaza is a digital finance specialist with the Better Than Cash Alliance. She supports the shift from cash to electronic payments at a country level by working in partnerships with the government, private sector and development organizations in order to break the cycle of poverty and drive inclusive growth. She also designs, implements, monitors and reports on digital finance technical assistance and member service projects.

Sonia has experience in more than 25 emerging countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

She has worked as a global director of channels and technology with Accion International. She provided advisory services in digital financial services and due diligence to Accion’s partners engaged in micro- and small-enterprise financial activities, Accion’s global entrepreneurial investment fund (startups and early-stage companies), and companies that drive innovation in emerging technologies. 

Sonia also has worked as a telecom and regulator advisor for the United Nations International Telecommunications Union. There she analyzed regulatory and policy issues on the intersection of telecommunications and development; facilitated collaboration among stakeholders on Internet policy; and spent time in Africa (Ghana, Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Benin) researching on the use of technologies to deliver financial services. Before that, she worked as a strategic planning manager at the General Secretariat of the Andean Community. She began her career working for five years for a private management-consulting firm in Peru.

Sonia has a bachelor's degree in computer science from National Engineering University of Peru and a master's degree in international relations, business and public administration from Syracuse University. She also holds Project Management Professional and Technology Services Management certifications. Sonia is fluent in English and Spanish and has professional working proficiency in French and Portuguese.