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Ernani Celzo

Communications Ministry Coordinator
Philippines Scholar
Baguio Episopal Area – Philippine Central Conference, United Methodist Church

Ernani Celzo's works to bring innovative and creative approaches to church ministries such as Change The World events, radio ministry, and technology-based (ICT) ministries including website and database management. He is also involved in the communications relief in the Yolanda-stricken areas of Leyte providing wireless link connections to various relief organizations.

Before joining the Episcopal Staff in 2013, he was head of the Committee on Communications and Connectional Ministries of Northwest Philippines Annual Conference and managed a low-power Radio Ministry of Baguio City First United Methodist Church.

In his spare time, he does graphic design and multimedia presentations. He also teaches kids basic drawing and sketching at a local private school. His passion for natural farming creates a new trend in his small island community.