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Kellan Alexander

Nyaruka, Ltd
Client Success Manager

A Kigali-founded startup borne of founders Nic Pottier and Eric Newcomer's SMS-based technical consultancy, Nyaruka, TextIt is a horizontal communication platform that enables anyone to visually-build automated SMS and voice services and deploy them in minutes through a direct connection or our Android application. Deployed by organizations as large as UNICEF and as small as your local clinic, TextIt's mission is to evangelize the power of SMS as a communication tool and utility for organizations of every background. 

As TextIt's Client Success Manager, my roles range from onboarding, supporting and managing clients to generating content and managing communications. A graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies and a Fellow of the Dorothy E. Everett Program for Social Entrepreneurship, I've devoted my undergraduate schooling to the study and implementation of SMS-based solutions for social change. My experience working with organizations to implement mobile-based social enterprise projects has taken me as far as West Africa and as near as near as my backyard, Sonoma County, CA.