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Chris Tuckwood

The Sentinel Project
Co-Founder and Executive Director

A Toronto-based non-governmental organization, the Sentinel Project is dedicated to assisting communities threatened by mass atrocities worldwide. It does this through the innovative use of technology and direct cooperation with threatened communities.

Christopher “Chris” Tuckwood has a master’s degree in disaster and emergency management from York University. His research and professional interests include early warning, intelligence analysis, communal resistance to atrocities, and the humanitarian applications of unmanned aerial vehicles, a major new effort for the Sentinel Project.

A regular speaker and writer on these topics, Chris has taught a training course on using technology to defend human rights. He currently leads the Una Hakika project, which the International Development Research Centre funds to monitor and counter atrocity-linked misinformation in Kenya’s Tana Delta using mobile technology.

Connect with Chris online:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stopgenocide

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ctuckwood and https:www.twitter.com/sentinelproject

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